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and then let it move us into positive action. >> yes. >> so, i think people should not race to move from it, but to it is with it and ask, what would god have me do? >> yes. and you know, i can't agree with you more. from my other hat as a psychologist, one of the most important things for us to do is integrate feeling. we live in the don't feel culture. let's rush on, drink, eat, do something so we don't have to feel. but when we feel is when we heal. we have to feel it to heal it. i like what you said. when we it is with it, we can ask the deeper question what, would god have me to do? >> it is all about reflection. in our fast paced society, we don't find enough time to just reflect. but on many level this is trammed has caused the entire nation to -- this tragedy has caused the entire nation to stand back and reflect for a moment, on the nature of the shootings, what happen to our children, gun control laws and mental health issues. >> yes. there are a lot of issues. i can't help looking at the whole thing and saying how could we have prevented it. could the person who perpet
to address gun violence. what he wants to try and his very short timeline for action. >> i love you. >> shot by his best friend. why the victim's first response was "i forgive you." good evening. >> someone shot at a u.s. marine as he was driving a government car down highway 85 in cupertino. kit doe shows us the car peppered with bullet holes. >> reporter: detectives say this is a sensitive and active investigation. and they went through great pains to keep this marine corps officer away from the media. after questioning him for several hours, they whisked him out a sidedoor away from our cameras. this is an active investigation, and whoever opened fire on this marine is still out there. >> reporter: a government-issued pontiac g6 was riddled with bullets. on the font passenger door, one bullet -- on the front passenger door, one bullet travelled through the metal and pierced the other side. the marine was traveling on 85. >> he pulls over and quickly discovers that he's been shot at more than once, multiple times, by someone either who was on the freeway or on the side of the freeway. we h
gun control. >> we are going to have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. >> it is an obvious and perfectly appropriate emotional response to say something has to be done. >> reporter: he believes the american people will also have a change in public sentiment a call for gun control but he doesn't believe it will last long enough to change law. >> the only time when most citizens worry is in the middle of a mass shooting episode. >> reporter: when a mass shooting occurs gun control is called for but after it dies down the opponents gain traction because they care and they fight long term. >> the intensity of the opponents of control will outweigh the mild support that the rest of the population might feel. >> in 1999 during the columbine shooting 39 people were killed or injured. next year a poll showed can 62% of californians wanted stricter gun control. before the oakland shooting in april this year, that support dropped to 53%. >> reporter: the number of mass shootings have gone up in recent history. this year we have had 7 i
no cause for disciplinary action. >>> a news crew from nbc is safe tonight after spending five days in captivity in syria. the network says reporter richard engel, his cameraman and producer were freed when a rebel group killed two of their kidnappers at a checkpoint. the network said the team was bound and blindfolded but not harmed. there was no claim of responsibility or ransom demands. >>> the fiscal cliff is now just two weeks away. john boehner rolled out plan b. he'll take his plan directly to the house floor with a bill to extend the low bush era tax rates for all americans making less than $1 million a year. democrats are calling the plan a farce. >> we do not have a balanced plan when the president is calling for $1.3 trillion in revenue and only willing to put $850 billion worth of cuts over ten years. >> every time we get down to doing something for the long-term financial security of this country, they take that football, and it's a charley brown episode. they jerk the ball away. this is what they're doing again. >> the latest cbs news poll shows only half of american
the vice president lay >>> we can only save one life. we have to take action. >> racing no time. the vice president lays out the ground work for assault on gun violence. >> and so we have had a ton of new buyers. >>> across the country and the bay area. gun sales are surging. and so do the efforts to get them off the streets. >> and why stop the gun buybacks? who is offering cash for violent video games. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm ken bastida. let's get right to it. rain moving into the bay area as we speak. cbs 5 meteorologist paul is here to fire up the radar, which is firing up. the key is sending the signal out and getting it back, which means we have rain out there, especially at the golden gate area. i'll take you there. santa rosa west of the bay on north and east of st. helena and clear lake and clover dale and lake port. but the majority is still waiting for the first drops of rain. the central and south bay, they are currently just sitting there dry and cloudy. the wind advisory will be windy along for the rainfall at the coast and the city of the north
in the higher elevation ss by sunday. caltrans has put snow plows into rounds clock action. the roads are open but chains are required. >>> in mendocino, as a truck was cross, the truck's axle got caught in a hole, ripping the trailer away. fortunately no injuries. >>> alisa harrington has more on the rain and the problems it's causing. >> reporter: the north bay has really been feeling the brunt of this weather. >> reporter: the first day of winter blew into the bay area with heavy rain and strong winds, even snow at higher elevations. this is just the beginning of what will be a very wet weekend. the weather already did some damage today, causing hundreds of power outages, swelling creeks. this was the scene on highway 1 earlier. high winds toppled a 100-foot tree onto a car port. a close call for the driver. >> i was standing right underneath it over here. and some winds hit us. but i feel very grateful that we're okay. and we're alive. >> reporter: pg&e says even healthy trees can come down in weather like this. oftentimes they take down power lines with them. they have crews spread throug
, as has the media. the bottom line is something will happen after the first of the year if no action is taken, meaning more taxes for people and more cut, so, there is something to be said for that. >> that and the mayan calendar. that said, let's take a look at something that is real, and that is the storm with elizabeth! >>> the storm moving over the bay area should be tapering off by later on this afternoon and evening. right now we have pockets of light, moderate and heavier cells moving in. you can track it all with our exclusive high def doppler. we have a portion of flooding over the great highway in san francisco. you can see why. the heavier bands moving over the bay area is heavier this morning than yesterday. by this afternoon and into this evening everything will dry out. it looks like it will be a dry christmas eve. for thousand if you have shopping or traveling to do, rain is the big issue. will it be chilly, as well. temperatures in the low 50s and only climbing to the upper 50s this afternoon. we also have a wind advisory in affect. the rain and windy conditions
. and the officers were forced to take action. >> police say they tried for hours to end the situation peacefully. the suspect was taken to the hospital. details on his condition have not been released. >>> well, a desperate 911 call for help ends with shots fired and a man dead. investigators are now trying to piece together what led up to the shooting. sacramento county sheriff's deputies believe road rage may be to blame. after 2:00 this morning a man called 911. then the dispatcher heard gunfire and the line was disconnected. >> you don't even have to think about it and it's so final. it's so final. and you can't take those actions back. so now this -- you know, this guy is dead. the person that shot him -- his life is probably ruined. i mean because he's going to go to jail. he killed somebody. >> officers tracked down a vehicle matching the victim's description and found two women in a nearby car with a relative. police arrested him for the shooting. >>> a couple of east bay teens are facing some serious on consequences tonight. they're accused of setting off pipe bombs. that's the bomb squ
've begun post ing videos of criminals in action hoping the public can provide new leads. elizabeth cook shows us it is already working. >> reporter: before day, folks at home had to wait to see surveillance videos from crimes on the local new. now sfpd is hoping the public will become crime fighters by using this website. >> reporter: take a look at this. surveillance video of a violent robbery on polk street in the tenderloin. >> he's approaching the victim, and then he begins to stun him with a stun gun. >> reporter: the guy goes on to shock the victim multiple times. he even shoved him against a fence and shocked him one last time before taking his cellphone. >> ever been robbed? >> yes. >> reporter: we showed a picture of the suspect to leon. >> i've seen this guy around the neighborhood. >> reporter: leon lives near the crime scene and says the suspect is a regular around the neighborhood. >> i see him maybe once or twice a week in front of my house. and this is ridiculous. >> we have had a total of over 1,700 cellphone robberies. >> reporter: it's the kind of reaction sfpd is ho
to the providence baptist church shel >>> quick action by san francisco police saved a newborn's life. they were called to the providence baptist view shelter after a woman began pounding on the door. she was covered in blood and told the man who answered that she had a baby but she didn't have the infant with her. thinking she had been assaulted, are the worker called 911. >> she was a little hysterical, said she wanted to come, she wanted to come in at first. and then when she came back with the baby, she did not want to come in. >> by the time police arrived, the woman had handed the child off to someone else. of the baby wasn't breathing, but officers were able to revive it on the way to the hospital. the mother could face charges for child endangerment and abandonment. >>> it's not doomsday, but it's something we'll never see again in our lifetimes. a repeating date. >> 12/12/12 is lucky! how couples are taking advantage. >> reporter: let's see what the may ans are cooking up. >> >> mother nature does have a doomsday date. we are actually close to it. >> reporter: he is originally from what
the hobbit an unexpected journey report an unexpected experience. motion sickness from the high action scenes. but it wasn't even a consideration for the first woman in line at this san francisco theater. >> i just want to see the movie. >> reporter: so why the potential for nausea? the prequel to the lord of the rings trilogy, using new 3d technology that resembles high definition tv. it has a high frame rate, double the standard we've been used to for 85 years, making images more vivid and intense than ever. patrick of the berkeley digital film institute says it's like going from vinyl to cd. >> for people who are motion sensitive it's going to be very stroboscopic. it's going to be too crisp. >> reporter: don't expect it to replace the current more comfortable viewing standard. >> it's just very organic, very rich, very easy on the eyes. it contains that mystical quality that film has. >> reporter: some hobbit fans opted against the high-tech version. >> i didn't want to camp out and spend a lot of money on a movie that would make me potentially sick. >> reporter: others were intrigued. >>
horrific actions. but lieutenant paul vance said clues have been recovered. >> did produce some very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting the complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. >> investigators are still trying to determine a motive. police are checking out report that the killer adam lanza had recently been involved in an argument with staffers at the school, but that has not been confirmed. >>> tonight we're hearing more about extraordinary heroism displayed by teachers at sandy hook elementary. some of them in the last moments of their lives. michelle miller has their story. >> reporter: the news that the six 7-year-olds had been shot multiple times devastated a community. >> just babies. they're just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mothers and their fathers. >> reporter: the children who survived were protected by their teachers. janet gathered her kindergartners in one corner. >> they sounded like gunshots. >> reporter: 18 years of teaching experience kicked in. >> we all
zealand, report an unexpected experience, motion sickness from the high action scenes. it wasn't even a consideration for the first woman in line at this san francisco theater. i just want to see the movie. >> so why the potential for nausea? it's the first major studio film to use 3d technology to reassembly hd tv. it's making images more vivid and intention than ever. patrick of the best of my recollection ly film insurance institute, it's going to be very crisp around the edges. >> don't expect it to replace the more comfortable viewing experience. >> it's very organic, easy on the eyes and it contains that mystical quality that film has that is a little bit dreamlike. >> some hobbit fans didn't want to camp out and spend money on a movie that would make me sick. >> i would like to see if this is going to make the movie industry forward into making a different kind of film or another gimmick. >> warner brothers says it has not encountered problems with audiences with motion sickness. they'll be part of a ground breaking advancement in the movie going experience. >>> who's defense p
's about it. most of the action will be headed south. and they have a flood watch that will be posted for tomorrow. and it will be flirting at least with the flood stage at 32 feet. but because everything is dried up, things, they will continue to drain drying tomorrow. so it shouldn't be anything more than minor flooding because it does not look like it will be reading the flood stages. and the temperatures right now, 48 degrees. 51 in san jose. here's what it looks like tomorrow. just patchy fog along the coast. that's good, but it will not be lasting long. on christmas day we will be wet again, but not nearly as wet as what it was today. the low pressure that will be over the west will not be pushing there, winter storm warnings. in the meantime george harrison says here comes the sun. tonight, they are still taking a bit of the powder in the sierra, posted for the entire area. heavy snow, gusty winds and the avalanche danger. afterall they picked up as much as 8,000 feet of snow in the last week. and other hubs around the country, at 64. denver at 37, chicago at 36. it doesn't loo
collected in san francisco. >>> toyota says it will pay more than $1 billion to settle a class action lawsuit over unintended acceleration in its vehicles. it would be one of the largest upon its type in automotive history. and it will install special safety features on 3 million cars. >> if for consumers it means the two major defects in toyota vehicles are going to get fixed. the bad news is how many more relevance and defects there are? toyota in the last three years has recalled over 10 million vehicles. >> this settlement does not resolve claims by people who want money for injury or death linked to the problems. >>> a group of bay area women received a priceless gift. it all started with a discovery in a thrift store. >> these five cards must have somehow gotten mixed in. >> reporter: she was at a thrift store in hayward when she found five cards sealed shot with addresses but no stamps, tucked away on a lower backshelf. >> the handwriting was scribbly. >> reporter: she put stamps on them with a little note attached, explain who she was and where she found the letters. as it tu
preliminary approval to this class action lawsuit. 14million cars were recalled worldwide. final approval of the settlement is not expected until june. >>> when it comes to cars, have you noticed anything different on the roads? well cbs5 reporter joe vasquez shows us luxury is a popular ride. >> latest attributes is an all wheel drive season. >> reporter: this holiday has been a joyride. >> we are very excited about sales. cars are flying all the shelves. >> reporter: what about the possibility of feed bumps caused by an economic stalemate in washington? >> i don't think our consumers are concerned about the fiscal cliff. they just want to buy. >> reporter: that goes for the higher end luxury cars like this 2013 bently continental. high end cars will make up 16% of retail vehicles sold in december up from 15.3% last month. a year ago, it was 14.8%. so that's a little over 1% increase year to year. >> people are buying because we have lots of new models. >> reporter: luxury car sales are up around the holidays because that is when bosses get their bonuses. but dealers are reporting heavie
her in november. politician caught off-guard by the public fury are now promising action. >> as a woman, as a mother, i understand how you feel. i appeal you to remain calm and help strengthen our collective resolve to fight the menace of violence against women. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: there's widespread public pressure to scale up that fight. all eyes are now on the official investigation into the bus attack. and the indian government clearly peopling the heat has announced that all six alleged rapists would be tried for murder. >>> a new year means a new set of laws to take effect. why some are upset. forecasters expected this to be a drier than normal year. >> and the cold temperatures out the door, already seeing some upper 30s, low 40s, and some places could dip below freezing overnight! ,,,,,,,,,, portola valley is mourning e loss of 3 horses killed on y area freeway this morning.. the horses were >>> mourning the loss of three horses killed on a bay area freeway this morning. the horse were spotted on 280 near alpine road before 5:00 am. they were then hit by
violence, epidemics, or natural disasters. providing the best quality care remains central to our actions. from a journeyist , the priority is to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians caught up in armed conflict. our teams treat the wounded and ensure the people's essential needs are covered. [ speaking in native tongue ] [ through translator ] >> it's the only program, the only place where patients can be sure to receive treatment rapidly. >> msf also works where there is widespread disease or epidemics, where they're treating illnesses like colorra, organizing against meningitis or measles, msf teams can respond swiftly. the organization provides healthcare to people suffering from diseases like malaria, aids, and tuberculosis. in places lacking resources, health staff, infrastructure, or suitable treatment. msf also focuses on nutritional care in the context of malnutrition. >> here with doctors without borders who sustains the miracles. the executive director. nice to have you here. welcome. >> good morning, susan. thank you for inviting me. >> it's wonderful to know such goodh
and no action. >> no real weather issues in the weather department. that is a good thing. this weekend plenty of changes on tap and changes coming midweek. we will detail it for you in a minute or two. >> people in san francisco are firmly of the opinion that you would use your taser every 30 seconds. >> people are all fired up over the debate on tasers. we sat down with the top cop for more on the stun gun proposal. >> no sooner did the legislature go back in session than there is already talk about modifying the biggest tax law in the state. >> that affects all property owners, plus drones. we are talking about remote control airplanes with cameras on them and how they can help law enforcement and privacy advocates concerned. more on that. >> and more back and forth between the white house and republicans in congress showing no signs of letting up. >> yes , there are three weeks left until the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. we have been talking about that for weeks now. we have more on the progress, or lack there of, in washington. >> reporter: in his saturday weekly address, president
. the action begins and if anyone is heading out in person, you may want to bring an umbrella. >> and if anyone is heading out in person. >> okay. >> and i know a lot of people are watching. thousands of diehard fans lining up. >> and what kind of a year is he having? >> are you doing all right? >> don't ask me, clearly. >> and into the bay area, we had rain yesterday and didn't amount to much. tonight, tomorrow, an inch in the north bay and a half an inch in the south bay and it's mostly on the light side and there is some sun in the southeastern may bear -- bay area. milpitas and we're getting glimpsees this morning and that is nice. 44 degrees at concord. liver moe has 43 and a bit of a chilly start. 46 at santa rosa and 49 in san jose. the cpc, a 14-day outlook, is showing us that we're trending weather. the western third of the u.s., so it looks like things are going to get unsettled midweek and stay that way. the snow pack is helped out by the recent rains, although the snow levels are high, the amounts are not overpowering and we're ahead where we were last year when we had 36% of averag
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